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Recently attended our clinic and wanting to recap on how to care for your gorgeous new SPMU? Or planning ahead to make sure nothing clashes with your plans? Either way, all the information you need to know is right here! SPMU is a luxury treatment, make sure your results are with you for the long haul and no complications arise by sticking to our aftercare!



  1. Do not get the brows wet for 1 week, try to also avoid hot showers and steam.

  2. Clean brows by gently wiping once an hour for the first 2 days with a clean baby wipe, must not be a cleansing or exfoliating wipe, or contain micellar water

  3. No exercise for two weeks due to sweating, to prevent loss of pigment.

  4. Do not pick any scabs that may form, let them fall off on their own. Once the scab has come away it may appear as if all the pigment has vanished. This is normal and the colour comes back at week 4.

  5. No make-up for 1 week due to risk of infection.

  6. No long term direct sunlight (sunbathing or sunbeds) for 30 days. Apply sun cream and moisturiser to the brow area once fully healed. The brows take 30 days minimum to heal.

  7. No light therapies, chemical peelings, facials, microdermabrasion’s, or creams that contain rejuvenation factors for 30 days.

  8. Avoid laser treatments over the treated area for 30 days as this can destroy the pigment and cause burns.

  9. The use of antibiotics and hormonal therapy can lead to a faster pigment fading.

  10. No exercise for 2 weeks.


Lip Blush

If you are experiencing a large amount of swelling, more commonly found in the top lip, you can ice the treatment area. Icing can also reduce bruising but make sure there is a clean cloth between your skin and the iced product (a frozen bag of peas works well). Swelling doesn't last very long and is not seen in every client but it is best to prepare for it just incase.

- Do not wet the lips for 5 days, drink through a straw and prevent getting food on the lips where possible.

- Use the aftercare balm throughout the day to prevent lips from drying, apply this with a clean cotton bud.

- No sunbed or extreme heat for 2 weeks.

- Do not touch the area with unclean hands

- No exercise for 24-48 hours, exercise increases your heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow. Minimal blood flow allows damaged capillaries to repair faster. Sweat can also disturb the healing process.

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